Team Asha

TeamAsha Marathon Program
is a premier marathon training program that provides personalized coaching, motivation and support for individuals who wish to run a half and full marathons. Team Asha helps you discover the magical benefits of running and the joy of improving the life of children at the same time.

Seasons 2009 - 2015 in San Francisco
Since 2009, the Team Asha program was expanded to include training sessions in San Francisco. It was a resounding success! With runs in beautiful trails like Golden Gate Park, Presidio and oceacn beach, the San Francisco program successfully trained a new batch of runners.

Our Objective
Our goal is to provide every runner with the means to change their own lives and the lives of countless children, for the better. Our training program mixes running and cross-training with social activities. Our expert coaches and involved mentors add a personal touch to the training and help you with not just running a marathon but leading a healthy lifestyle as well. Learn more about the program here.

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